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    madMEDicine is a series of cartoons created by Dr. Prasanna Vadhanan. The concept is fresh, unique and based on humor in hospitals...the scenario varies from operating rooms, morgues and more spooky areas like examination Halls!  From a naive under grad to the experienced (soon to be out dated) practitioner...there is some serious fun for us all. If you are a hapless patient who stumbled upon this site by accident, this is your turn to laugh at the Doctors...

  The cartoons will help you in several how to tackle a primi gravida who insists on getting the C -Section done Laparoscopically, how to identify slides in pathology exams, how to defuse a potentially embarassing surgical bleeding, how to convince the management you want soda lime, and not a lime soda, how to get anaesthetic fitness for any patient, how to give more relaxation for that difficult surgeon to name a few.


    Now out as a pretty ebook in Kindle  and in Google Play Store, a print edition is available in several sites. Click on the samples to view sample images and dont forget to leave your feedback. Any queries regarding using the images for presentations(free) can be done through the contact us section.

A quick tip : Most new cartoons gets posted in way before it appears here!

Disclaimer : Nothing to be taken seriously !

 (c) Dr. PrasannaVadhanan MD. 2015